About Me – Debbie Fry

My style inspiration and career highlights

I have loved fashion and glamour since I was a little girl, longing for the day I could wear nail polish and lipstick! My darling Mother, Bonnie Jean, always left home with her lipstick and jewellery on, smelling like a beautiful cloud of perfume. When she passed, her nails were a lovely glossy red, having been manicured by a carer a few days prior. She would’ve been so proud to see my dream of becoming involved in fashion come to life!

Mind you, although I love to dress up, you’ll also sometimes find me up to the ankles in mud, dressed in full sun protection, climbing into the family boat to drive for the next skier, or at the end of the rope skiing myself. Completely “unglamorous”…but a lot of fun!

The last couple of years have been very exciting, having my millinery and accessories adorning the beautiful models in the Fashion Passport Parades, and fashion shoots for Vivienne Francine Boutique (a fabulous designer… of her own fabrics and clothing), and Bella Forma Boutique (lingerie and dresses). Both situated in Cairns and both with online stores.
…and then we have Melbourne Cup week!! I was born in Melbourne and moved North to the sunshine in my early 20’s. Never went to the Cup until just a couple of years ago friends said -let’s do it. Such a thrill in 2014 having my good friend Stacie Kidner making top 10 in the Fashions On The Field on Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day and Oaks Day. Even better Stacie was sashed second runner up on Derby Day and Oaks Day. Her stunning dresses made by my very good friend Pauline Fenech, and millinery by me! Stacie had also won the winners sash in two of these outfits, 7 weeks prior on both days of the Cairns Amateurs. Such a thrill for Stacie, Pauline and myself!